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Seçkin Cebeci 4.jpeg

Date of Birth: February 24, 1988

Place of Birth: Ankara, Turkey


The artist, who studied at Bilkent University's Graphic Design Department, honed his skills in analog photography and printing through his education. Adapting to the digital age, he turned photography into a hobby. In 2010, he advanced further by studying "Photography and Design" at the School of Visual Arts University.

Art Career:

Having pursued photography as a hobby for 10 years, the artist acquired a new-generation camera in 2017. With the new perspective and technological skills gained during this period, he began to reach a wider audience with his photographic abilities. In the same year, he received the invitation for his first group exhibition in the world of photography, and a month later, he held his first solo exhibition.

Artistic Approach:

The artist's photographs offer a unique aesthetic by combining them with his graphic design education. The works exhibited in his solo show enchant the audience with an atmosphere reminiscent of Inception and Matrix films. This distinctive style has become the artist's signature, garnering significant admiration from viewers.

Continuing to reflect the experiences gained through exploring the world and interacting with different cultures in his art, the artist continues to provide viewers with an extraordinary visual experience.


2011 - Siyah Beyaz Galeri, Ankaralı ( Video Art)
2012 - Cer Modern Museum, Typography 101 (Video Art)
2017 - Soul’n Art, Alphabetic2 – (Group Exhibition) , 1 Photo
2017 - Soul’n Art, Another World (Personal Exhibition) 19 Artworks
2019 - European Conference on Science, Art&Culture(Group Exhibition), 1 Artwork
2020 - Difo Art, Another World2 (Group Exhibition) 4 Artworks
2022 - Aura Art Hub, Karmarama (Group Exhibition), 3 Artworks
2022 - Art Weeks Akaretler, Difo Art (Art Fair) , 2 Artworks
2022 - Contemporary İstanbul, Difo Art (Art Fair) , 4 Artworks
2022 - Art Weeks Akaretler, Difo Art (Art Fair) , 6 Artworks
2023 - Ci Bloom İstanbul, Difo Art (Art Fair) , 1 Artwork
2023 - Contemporary İstanbul, Difo Art (Art Fair) , 2 Artworks

2024 - AAF, New York, Fremin Gallery (Art Fair) , 9 Artworks

2024 - CiBloom İstanbul, Difo Art (Art Fair) , 4 Artworks


Bilkent Üniversitesi - Graphic Design (2006-2012)
School of Visual Arts (NY,USA) - Photography and Design Course (2010)
New York University (NY,USA) - Web Coding Certificate Program (2012)
Bilgi Üniversitesi - Brand Management and Marketing Master Degree(2016-2019)

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